My name is Anish Sinha. I love cricket and football aka (please insert American name for sport).  I came to EPGY to learn about Artificial Intelligence. I am very (please insert an adjective) at programming as I have spent a lot of time attempting to program games. My goal in life is to create a planet and visit another planet in another galaxy. I would also like to see what Earth looks like in a different dimension if they exist.

Inventing a time machine might be pretty cool and it will most likely (please insert a verb) the world!

That is pretty much all I want you all to know.

End of transmission…

2011Cricket World Cup Champions India Future-City


One response to “About

  1. laykuan ⋅

    One of my goals in life is also to visit another planet! I’m not sure if intergalactic travel may be feasible within our lifetimes though..

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