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I want to be…

There are many things I want to be. If I had to choose only forty-seven of them, I would choose bioengineering, living in space, and inventing creations and technology that will completely revolutionize society and the world forever. So basically what everyone wants to do. The only reason I would want to learn bioengineering is because I always wanted to create a dragon. I do not think this is ethical but that is okay because I really want to do it.

In the future, I want to live in space or on another planet and I would visit Earth often. I plan to invent a transport device that will be able to travel on all terrains and be able to travel to space before I graduate from college. I hope I do not take a long time to graduate from college.

I currently live in this small place called Earth. It is located in between Venus and Mars and is in the Milky Way Galaxy. If you were to use regular binoculars on the moon, you would notice that you could see my house in Southern California, otherwise known as SoCal.


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