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Final Project Proposal: Autonomous Driving

The specific area I am working within is robotics with AI assistance. This is interesting to me because I want to learn how the AI will teach the robot to interact with outside real life objects. I believe that this is the future of robotics and will definitely redefine society. If all cars were to be autonomous, people would not have to be worrying about driving, there would be considerably less car crashes, no drunk driving or angry driving, and with this technology the passengers could be focused on other things. While going to office, the employees could be working on their work or projects and not have to be worrying about driving. The closest example of what I want to build is the Google self driving car, but I want to build a more simpler and feasible robot. By building this robot, I will be able to gain a lot of experience and confidence to perform other similar or better feats. This would be teaching how computer science is applicable in the real world and not just in software. I plan to program the robot piece by piece so first if one wheel moves then one more. I will keep on going until finally its complete with a working radar. This project however will be a big challenge because I do not have any experience programming any robots before. I am not sure what programming language is used to program robots, but I will need a radar that can check in 360 degrees and many mechanical parts and wires. I hope this robot turns out as I plan it to be.


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